Prohibited Use

All use of our VPS services must me legal within the laws of the United States of America, the following are not allowed to be used/ran on our servers.
-Fraud and Phishing Websites
-Gambling Websites
-Nulled scripts, Warez Linking, Warez Hosting or any other form of illegal scripts/software
-Any for of Peer-to-Peer or torrent sites
-Illegal Adult Content (e.g. under 18 pornography)
-Internet Relay Chat
-Racism, Hate, Bullying Sites


Allowed Use

We allow Legal Adult content to be hosted on our VPS. We do not allow copyrighted material to be hosted without the consent of the copyright owner.

Well allow gaming servers to be hosted on our VPS packages.

Other things to Note
We maintain the right to cap your CPU allowance if your usage is found to be affecting other clients on the same node. If distruptions continue after being capped, we have the right to suspend your service.